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    Legislation has been introduced to utilize the powers of the Federal Government to prohibit internet gambling across all 50 states. Currently, legislation is being drafted toward that end and therefore our coalition of individuals, free-market oriented organizations, and educational bodies have signed the following pledge in an effort to guide policy makers as this debate occurs.

  • "Billion-dollar conglomerates often comes to Washington looking for a handout, a bailout or a tax break that will give them an advantage in the marketplace but it's rare that they ask that their competition be outlawed. The federal government has no business impeding state power in such a manner for any reason let alone doing so to protect the billion dollar businesses from competition."
    ~ Neil McCabe, HumanEvents.com

  • "This is a textbook case of crony capitalism and lobbying the federal government to legislate one's competition out of business."
    ~ Jason Lomberg, ECN, ecnmag.com
Sign The Pledge

I/We pledge to oppose any efforts by the federal government that would prevent or restrict the ability of states to authorize online gaming. We urge members of Congress and President Obama to oppose any federal action that would infringe on a State or individual’s ability to make this choice. 
Whereas a federal ban on online gaming;

  1. Would be an infringement on state’s rights.
  2. Would be a slippery slope for the further regulation of the internet.
  3. Is both an inappropriate and unnecessary use of federal powers.
  4. Would amount to the federal government picking winners and losers in a private marketplace. The government should not enact laws that benefit a specific company or a specific industry at the expense of free market competition.
The free market oriented organizations and educational bodies listed below have signed the aforementioned pledge.

Taxpayers Protection Alliance Alliance For Freedom Less Government Roanoke Tea Party

Floyd Tea Party     Botetourt Tea Party